Quick Answer: How Does MMI Interview Work?

What does MMI stand for?

Maximum Medical ImprovementMMI stands for Maximum Medical Improvement.

It is defined as the point at which an injured worker’s medical condition has stabilized and further functional improvement is unlikely, despite continued medical treatment or physical rehabilitation..

What are some difficult interview questions?

The most difficult interview questions (and answers)What is your greatest weakness?Why should we hire you?What’s something that you didn’t like about your last job?Why do you want this job?How do you deal with conflict with a co-worker?Here’s an answer for you.

Why are doctors not nursing?

Doctors are formally trained in Medicine and spend more years studying how diseases work and how they are managed. By contrast, nurses are formally trained in providing holistic care and become registered nurses before they can start a career as a nurse practitioner.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

It’s stimulating and interesting. Medical doctors have a significant degree of autonomy over their schedules and time. Medical doctors know that they get to help people solve problems every single day. … You want to focus your answer on the YOU part of why YOU want to be a doctor and why YOU would be an excellent doctor.

How do I prepare for MMI interview?

How Can I Prepare For My MMI Interview?Use your work experience. … Know what it takes to be a good doctor. … Practice giving eight-minute presentations in response to common MMI interview questions. … Make sure you understand key ethical concepts relating to medicine, like the four pillars and patient confidentiality.More items…

Are MMI interviews hard?

The Multiple Mini Interview, commonly abbreviated to “MMI”, is one of the most dreaded interview formats. Applicants fear the MMI so much that some students literally freeze during their interview! … Each mini interview has a different question type, and applicants find it hard to prepare for them.

How long does it take to prepare for MMI?

between 8 to 10 weeksHow long does it take to prepare for MMI? You should prepare effectively and efficiently until you have mastered the ability to answer or discuss ANY prompt concisely. The timing is different for everyone. Most of our successful students take anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks to prepare for the MMI.

What does MMI interview mean?

Multiple Mini InterviewThe Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), developed by McMaster University, is an interview format that consists of a series of six-10 interview stations, each focused on a different question or scenario.

How do you answer CASPer questions?

With that in mind, here are my top 10 strategies to ace any CASPer question:Read all questions and answer the easiest question first. … Identify the most pressing issue. … Remain non-judgmental at all times. … Gather all the facts. … Figure out who is directly or indirectly involved.More items…•

What should I wear to MMI interview?

Gents – Just wear a suit. Yes, you don’t need a jacket or even a tie in most hospitals, but this is an interview so suck it up and suit up. Ladies – Smart office appropriate clothing, so pants or a skirt + a shirt or a blouse or a ‘corporate-style’ dress.

How do you answer MMI interview questions?

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Tips, Sample Question + Detailed AnswerSynthesize, Don’t Summarize.Clarify Context.Weigh both sides.Examine the best possible outcomes.Name the Ethical Tension.Take the Opportunity for Empathy.Answer the Question.Include Appropriate Caveats.

What is your biggest weakness?

Example: “My greatest weakness is that I sometimes have a hard time letting go of a project. I’m the biggest critic of my own work. I can always find something that needs to be improved or changed. To help myself improve in this area, I give myself deadlines for revisions.

How do you answer why med school?

Answering the ‘Why This Medical School? ‘ QuestionBe specific about your interests in clinical medicine and health care. … Link your response to the specific activities you want to pursue in med school. … Align your response to the medical school’s specific mission and culture.