Quick Answer: How Does Hydragas Suspension Work?

How do you make Hydrolastic fluid?

Branko, MGF BBS, 2010 wrote: Official Recipe for Hydrolastic Fluid: The liquid is a solution of 49% alcohol, 49% distilled water, 1 % triethanolamine phosphate and 1% sodium mercaptobenzthiazole, which is of constant viscosity and has a freezing temperature of 31 degrees C..

What is elastic suspension?

Suspension elastic elements soften tremors, reduce vertical acceleration and dynamic loads transmitted to the supporting structure when the car is moving. … Suspension elastic elements avoid direct impact of road irregularities on the body profile and provide the necessary ride.

What is Hydrolastic fluid?

“Hydrolastic Fluid – where do you get it?” … As is well known, the official formula for the fluid is mainly 49% alcohol and 49% water with some additives for corrosion prevention and viscosity.

How do you lower the Metro Rover?

To lower and stiffen a Metro you have to remove enough material from the rods and trumpets to lower the car too much. You then pump a higher than normal pressure back into the suspension to bring it back to your desired ride height. So it’s lower but stiffer as well.