Question: Who Owns The Guild Car Restoration?

Does FantomWorks have cars for sale?

We get a lot of requests to sell cars for others and we usually point them to our classified site.

It goes both ways, we don’t just send others there to sell their vehicles, some go to actually buy them too.

Feel free to browse on and see what you find.

DRS FantomWorks is offering this FREE service..

Are David Grainger and Janice Stone married?

Restoration Garage David Grainger Married To A Wife Janice Stone. The answer to this question is an outright yes! David Grainger is married to Janice Stone. … This was the case with David Grainger’s wife; she started the guild of automotive restorers together with her husband around 26 years ago.

What happened to Paul at the Guild of Automotive Restorers?

After a long dispute with my employer and while on a medical leave, my employment at the Guild of Automotive Restorers has been officially terminated as of this afternoon.

Why did MotorTrend cancel FantomWorks?

25 FantomWorks Nearly Ended In 2012 Due To Lawsuits The customer thought that the part would cost only $2,000 USD, when the part ended up costing $6,000 USD. The case lasted two years, but they cleared Short and he and won the case.

How did David Grainger make his money?

Grainger went on to build the Guild Of Automotive Restorers in the mid-nineties, which is a company that builds and restores everything ranging from brass era cars from the early 1900s to custom designed Hot Rods or re-bodied Ferraris.

Where is the guild filmed?

Los AngelesThe Guild (web series)The GuildProduction locationsLos Angeles, CaliforniaRunning time3–12 minutesDistributorIndependent (2007, 2012–2013) Microsoft (2008–2011)Release15 more rows

How much does FantomWorks charge per hour?

How much will it cost? The total cost depends on the cost of parts and materials as well as $78.00-$98.00 per hour in labor for the work the customer agrees to have us do.

Is restoration garage Cancelled?

The MotorTrend Network (formerly Velocity) has cancelled the show. The previously-announced 9th season, premiering December 5, 2018, will now be FantomWorks’ final season.

Who owns the guild garage?

Janice Stone – Co Owner – The Guild of Automotive Restorers – Home of Restoration Garage | LinkedIn.

Where is the guild restoration garage located?

The Guild is located in the town of Bradford, about 45 minutes north of Toronto, and is open to the public.

What is Dan Short net worth?

Add to that the success of his own business, and that’s how Dan came to have a net worth of $3.5 million.

How old is David Grainger of restoration garage?

David Grainger doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. At 60 years old, you would think at the very least he’d have a general idea, some direction. But, no. He’s cruising along the road of life, going his own way, taking it one mile at a time.