Question: Where Can I Nap In LA?

Where can I take a nap in Boston?

Best nap room in Boston, MAHostelling International.

0.5 mi.

116 reviews.

G2O Spa & Salon.

0.5 mi.

400 reviews.

Newbury Guest House.

0.6 mi.

68 reviews.

Club Quarters – Boston.

0.9 mi.

198 reviews.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental.

0.5 mi.

67 reviews.

Women’s Lunch Place.

0.3 mi.

4 reviews.

The Boxer Boston.

1.2 mi.

178 reviews.

The Revolution Hotel.

0.1 mi.

55 reviews.More items….

Where is the best place to take a nap?

Our Top 10The Bed Nap. One of the most common places for a nap is in your own bed. … The Couch Nap. The couch is another common place for a nap, especially during the weekends. … The Floor Nap. … The Cat (Or Dog, Or Ferret Or…) … The Outdoor Nap. … The Garage Nap. … The Reading Chair. … The Squatter’s Nap.More items…•

What does naps mean in LA?

A siesta (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsjesta]) (Spanish, meaning “nap”) is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal.

Can I nap for 1 hour?

Because of this, the one-hour nap is ideal for helping an individual better remember faces, names, and facts. However, a sleep cycle will not be completed in only 60 minutes, so you may not be very alert for some time after waking up. The most ideal nap is the 90-minute nap.