Question: What’S Better EFI Live Or HP Tuners?

What is the best tuner for Duramax?

5 Best Tuners for Duramax Engines ReviewedEdge Products 85401 CTS2.

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Edge Products 85400 CTS2.

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GDP Tuning EZ LYNK Tuner Monitor Compatible…

Bully Dog – 40420 – GT.

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EFI LIVE Custom Tune.

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What is a DSP switch?

Your DSP switch is a voltage switch, each click is a different voltage. Depending on the voltage a different tune will be loaded. You only have to plug in the EFI live for diagnostics, loading tunes, etc.. In addition to programming the ECM you can program the TCM.

Can performance chips ruin your engine?

A performance chip does not cause damage to your engine or transmission as it increases the horsepower and torque output. This power is generated mainly by harmlessly adjusting your air/fuel ratio and ignition timing to optimal settings. In fact, a performance chip can even protect your engine from damage.

How do I know if my dsp5 switch is working?

Troubleshooting your DSP5 or SOTF Switch If the tune or power level changes when you turn the switch, it’s working. Check to see if there is a button on the back of the switch. If so, with the key on, press the button at each position and note the results.

What does EFI Live stand for?

a tuning toolEFILive is a tuning tool that allows you to electronically crack open the stock ECU and TCM in ’01-to-current Chevys and GMCs, and ’06-to-’09 Cummins-powered Rams and access and adjust the data.

Can you switch EFI live on the fly?

Edges all-new EAS Shift-On-The-Fly (SOTF) allows you to change custom EFI Live tunes on the fly utilizing the Insight CS2 or CTS2. The EAS SOTF part numbers cover the 2011-2016 Duramax. Customers can now change tunes right on the screen!

Who is Kory Willis?

If you own a light duty diesel and have invested any time in researching custom tuning, you have surely come across the name Kory Willis. Kory, the owner of PPEI, has made himself a household name in the tuning community as the leader in building reliable horsepower to properly tune your diesel.

Where is Duramaxtuner located?

WoodstockAutomotive Repair Shop in Woodstock, Illinois.

How much horsepower does EFI Live Add to Duramax?

HP level depends on the parts on the truck. Over 1500HP has been done using EFI Live on a Duramax, but 300hp may be the max HP if your parts are not up to snuff.

What is a tuning license?

Tune Your Car or Truck Purchasing a GM tuning license adds tune support for an additional Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, or Pontiac vehicle. If you already have an i2 for GM vehicles, adding a GM tuning license will allow you to tune an additional vehicle. You can add multiple vehicle licenses to your device.

What is EFI tuning?

Tuning (also referred to as engine tuning or Dyno Tuning) is the process used to alter the stock computer, and ultimately, how a car runs. This is typically done after adjustments to the car’s stock configuration have been made.

Can you stack tunes with EFI live?

The entire point of using EFILive is that you DONT stack anything, you actually reprogram it.

What does EFI mean?

Electronic fuel injectionElectronic fuel injection replaces the need for a carburetor that mixes and fuel. EFI does exactly what it sounds like – it injects fuel directly into an engine’s manifold or cylinder using electronic controls.

What do I need for EFI Live?

Efi live is a P/C based flash scan tuner. Yes you need a laptop or P/C.

How much does EFI Live cost?

Registered. I do not have EFI live myself, but the hardware itself will usually cost around $800. Usually vendors will give you one or two free tunes when you purchase EFI live from them. I know Nick at has a library of tunes (constantly updated) that you can subscribe to.

How can I change my EFI Live tune?

As long as its from the same tuner all you need to do is download and install v8. 1 and open up EFILive explorer and look at the tune folders. You’ll see the tune files pop up in the box which you can click and drag to your desktop and delete it from the box. Then copy and paste the new tunes into the box.

Can you use EFI live on more than one truck?

Yes, it can.