Question: ARE Konig Wheels Fake?

Are XXR replicas?

XXR itself isn’t too much of a replica company.

You have to realize that wheels themselves are made with certain standards and durability measures in mind and they won’t randomly snap or break on you like what the internet implies..

What does SSR wheels stand for?

JWL Standard JWL stands for Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard.

How do you identify Konig wheels?

You can use the DISCONTINUED WHEELS tab to look and ID a previous Konig Wheels. If you do not see your wheels anywhere on the site, you can always send us a picture to or message us on our Facebook page (konigwheelsusa) to identify it for you.

Are SSR real wheels?

SSR is not a replica manufacturer. Those wheels you have there are SSR Type-C’s, and are a fantastic, light wheel… however, they are a bit softer to absorb harsh impacts during racing and are designed to bend instead of crack/break.

Do forged wheels crack?

A forged wheel would not have cracked, but would have been left unscathed or slightly bent. … If you put a slick tire on a cast wheel (or even a 200 treadwear tire, like used in Optima Search For the Ultimate Street Car) with a heavy car you can actually break a cast wheel.

ARE Konig Wheels Aluminum?

Aluminum, the material used in the production of KÖNIG’s M.A.T. wheels possesses, licensed by Enkei is a very simple structure.

Are Bola wheels good quality?

You don’t have to spend thousands on a set of Bolas to give your car a good stance. This makes them available for more people, affordable for more people and they offer a great quality. They don’t just know wheels, they know people.

ARE Konig good wheels?

Konig’s wheels are some of the best in terms of quality/price ratio. Their mainline wheels are decent, they have a wide selection to choose from and so you are likely to find one that catches your eye.

What brands are considered real wheels?

Some notable brands and a few of my favorites are; Work, Volk, BBS, and Rotiform. Work is a Japanese wheel manufacturer known for making some of the highest quality three-piece wheels when it comes to design and originality, they’ve created some timeless designs that look great on so many different cars.

What are fake wheels?

Counterfeit/Fake Wheels Most cheap or counterfeit wheels are sourced from China and are made from a blend of scrap alloy and raw material. You can see how alloy wheels are made clicking here.

What is better forged or cast wheels?

Forged wheels are stronger because of grain refinement due to thermal cycle and process of deformation. Consistent forging allows achieving the same structural integrity with less material in comparison to cast wheels.

Is SSR wheels a good brand?

Now it is true that SSR was bought out by Tanabe years ago, there have been changes in quality control and it is arguably one of the best made wheel in the world.