How Do I Regain Ownership Of A Discord Server?

Can a discord server have two owners?

Up to 4 server Owners..

Who is owner of discord?

Jason Citron – Co-FounderJason Citron – Co-Founder and CEO @ Discord – Crunchbase Person Profile.

Do discord servers expire?

The reason Discord isn’t so strict with server expiration is because of the way servers are handled. The more members a server has, the more taxing it’ll be on Discord’s server machines. Don’t fret, your server won’t be going anywhere.

How do I claim ownership of a discord server?

Let’s check it out:Open up your ‘Server Settings’ tab by clicking on the Server Name box:Under User Management click on the ‘Members’ tab:Hover over desired user’s name & click the three dots (Hamburger Menu!) to open a sub menu where you can click on ‘Transfer Ownership’.

How do I report someone on discord under 13?

Discord on Twitter: “If they are younger than 13, please send an email to!… ”

What can admins do in discord?

You can make someone an admin on a Discord server you own to give them more permissions than a standard user. When you make someone an administrator on Discord, they’ll be able to ban other users, delete or edit messages, and perform other moderation tasks.

How do I make myself owner on discord?

Click on the ‘Members’ tab in the server settings menu. 2. Click on the plus sign under the member you want to assign a role to and select the role from the drop down window.

How do I know if a discord Server is deleted?

Can you tell if a Discord server was deleted? Only by the fact it isn’t there any more. If a server disappears from your server list and you cannot find it in search, it has likely been deleted. If it disappears from your server list but still appears in search, you may just have been kicked and/or banned.

What’s the best discord bot?

Top Voted Discord Bots∞ ONLINE N/A. MEE6. … ∞ ONLINE N/A. ProBot ✨ … 1,022,797 ONLINE 1,178,063 Servers. Mudae. … 368,709 ONLINE 4,671,186 Servers. Dank Memer. … 338,052 ONLINE 173,534 Servers. Pokétwo. … 230,728 ONLINE 123,687 Servers. Karuta. … 180,159 ONLINE 296,501 Servers. EPIC RPG. … 173,544 ONLINE 188,066 Servers. PokéMeow.More items…

Is discord going to be deleted?

The message began: “Dear discord members, discord is supposed to close Nov 7, 2020 because it has become too populated…” Over 250 million people use Discord, so the idea of the app shutting down probably isn’t the best news.

Can discord admins see deleted messages?

Because, yes, even administrators won’t have access to the deleted comments or messages posted by others on Discord by default. …

What happens if a discord server owner gets banned?

If you got banned for something within a Discord server that you own, then the Discord server will be deleted. However, if the reason you were banned was outside of that particular server, the server will not be deleted and anyone with Moderator/Administrator permissions will be able to continue the server.

Does discord delete inactive servers?

No discord doesn’t delete inactive servers. … The server will simply have no owner, but it wouldn’t get removed till all the members left the server. Deletion of an account would be impossible because prior to deletion the owner is forced to transfer ownership of all servers.

Can a discord server be banned?

Users can be banned by server administrators or by the Discord service itself for several reasons. These can include, but are not limited to: Organizing and participating in raids on servers. Repeatedly targeting a user with unwanted friend requests or messages.