Do All Toyota Highlanders Have Tow Package?

What does Toyota tow package include?

Learn More About The Tow Package On The Toyota Tundra This comprehensive package includes a supplemental engine oil cooler, supplemental transmission cooler, heavy-duty battery, 170-amp alternator and 4-/7-pin connector 4.300 rear axle ratio, TOW/HAUL Mode switch and Integrated Trailer Brake Controller..

How do I know if my 2008 Highlander has a tow package?

How can I tell if it has the tow package? Expert Reply: If your 2008 Toyota Highlander has a converter box under the dashboard already then you have the factory tow package.

What travel trailer can I tow with my Toyota Highlander?

There are a variety of different models within the Toyota Highlander family, with towing capacities that range between 1,500 and 5,000 lbs. Within this range, Toyota Highlanders can tow pop-up trailers, teardrop trailers, small airstreams, and small travel trailers.

What is a tow prep package?

The tow prep package provides your vehicle with a larger radiator, alternator and a transmission oil cooler. These items “prep” the vehicle to haul heavy weights behind it, relieving the added stress on the engine.

Which Toyota Highlander has navigation?

2018 Toyota Highlander LE Plus Upgrades from the base model include a larger 8-in touchscreen, navigation with traffic and weather updates, and a power-adjustable driver’s seat with SofTex® upholstery. You can set separate air temperature for the driver, front passenger, and rear seats.

Does the Highlander come with a tow package?

Towing. When you equip the 2020 Toyota Highlander with the mighty 3.5-liter V6 engine that doles out 295 horsepower and when you get the optional towing package, you can tow up to a maximum of 5,000 pounds.

What is included in Toyota Highlander towing package?

You can order the Class II receiver hitch, the wiring harness and the tow mirrors from Toyota or from an after market car parts supplier.

How do I know if I have a towing package Highlander?

If your highlander came with a factory trailer hitch and factory 7-way connector, then it is likely that it came with the tow package. If your vehicle did not come with a trailer hitch and 7-way trailer connector, it likely did not come with a tow…

How big of a trailer can a Toyota Highlander pull?

The new Toyota Highlander offers: Base Towing – Pulls up to 1,500 pounds with the standard four-cylinder engine found in the entry-level Highlander configuration. Maximum Towing – Upgrade past the base trim LE trim, and you will receive a V6 engine that increases the maximum towing capacity to 5,000 pounds.