Bariatric Surgery can be performed safe in Private practice


The Obesity is one of the major problems in the whole world and it needs collaboration with the private and government institute to work together to help in managing the obesity In order for any work to succeed, a dedicated team has to be formed, to be able to work in harmony.

This is especially true for bariatric surgery. From my own observations in private practice, I can clearly say that it is safer to do bariatric procedures in private centers, compared to government hospitals, due to the following reasons:

  1. All the surgeons are experienced in the field. They already finished their learning curve,
    mostly in government hospitals. also administration in private practice will recruit senior surgeon to assure safety and quality
  2. Anesthesia staff number is lower in private hosp., which gives them more frequent
    exposure to bariatric surgery, compared their colleagues in govern. hosp. It also makes
    it easier to taem-up and work in harmony.
  3. The number of patients is more in private, due to restrictions in govern. hosp., which
    again gives more experience to all staff working in the team, including nurses in OR, recovery, and ward.
  4. Although ICUs are better equiped and staffed in govern. hosp., but this not really a major factor, as there is very little need for ICU care, due to more experienced team. The level of of intensivists in private practice is enough to handle most of the patients that might need ICU admission post-op. The very rare difficult cases can be identified early and easily, and can be referred to more advanced centers for more advanced intensive care.
  5. since they have high volume of obesity patient in private sector ,They established obesity management program with implementing guidelines, policy and procedures pathway and standardization with bariatric procedure. Furthermore they take step ahead to be recognized as obesity center of excellence.also build a team work including surgeons,other physicians, nutritionist, psychiatrist, endocrinologist, educator and coordinator.
    This will provide high quality and safety to management the obesity with low mortality
    and morbidity and with good follow up
  6. the patient in private sector has easy access to the surgeons, which make them feel more comfortable and secured.
    for all reasons mention above bariatric procedure is very safe to be performed in privates practice.


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