Saudi Arabian Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (SASMBS) was established under the umbrella of Saudi commission for Health Specialties in 2010 as the first medical society

Overweight & obesity are considered important health problems that affect more than 75% of Saudi population, which leads to occurrence of many chronic problems such as diabetes mellitus(26% OF SAUDI POPULATION,) hypertension and many tumors. This necessitates the establishment of society which deals with educating the individuals and community, rationalize preventive and curative clinical care in the field of obesity; in addition to conducting research and studies in this regard Vision of SASMBS could be summarized in one statement “ Towards Saudi Community free of Obesity’’ SASMBS committed to work in order to make Saudi Society aware about obesity.

SASMBS endeavors towards accomplishment of the following objectives:
• Make community about the magnitude of obesity and its risk factors, complications and
how to prevent it in Saudi Arabia.
• Rationalization of clinical practice through issuing clinical guidelines and training the
different health professionals in this regard.
• Conduct research and studies in the field of obesity.
• Corporation and coordination with the concerned national , regional and international
• Issuing medical and educational periodicals in the field of obesity.

Board of SASMBS consists of nine members including the chairman and his deputy.
The members represent the different medical specialties and health sectors in
Saudi Arabia concerning with prevention and management of obesity (Family medicine, Endocrinology, Pediatrics and Bariatric Surgery) .

The SASMBS was established by effort of a group of doctors, mainly , Dr.Sultan ALTumyat
Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, and Dr.Waleed Bu Milha Consultant Family
Medicine, sense 2005. In 2010 the SASMBS has become a recognized approved effective
medical society.
During the first round (3 years) board members: Dr.Waleed Bu Milha was the president,
Dr.Sultan AL-Tumyat the vice president
In the 2nd round Dr.Waleed Bu Milha was elected as the president , Dr.M.K Mirza the vice
president/ surgeon in charge of the SASMBS.

During this 5 years, the society has achieved excellent accomplishments;
1. Establishing an official website
2. Two international congresses in bariatric and metabolic surgery.
3. Obesity Journal (2 volumes/year).
4. Obesity management guidelines, published in the first volume.
5. Bariatric surgery guidelines.
6. Main active member of GOSS.
7. The SASMBS is registered and recognized in EFSO, in which any member joining the EFSO
will be through and sponsored by SASMBS
8. The number of fully privileged bariatric surgeons are 25.
9. The number of SASMBS members are 27 Doctors.
10. The number of EFSO members are 40.
11. Our future plan is to activate the Saudi National Registry in bariatric surgery, and
supporting the training programs in bariatric surgery.
12. Our upcoming activity, organizing an international congress in October 2016 under the
umbrella of SASMBS.



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