GOSS 2015, Meeting


Many GCC Patients choose to perform Bariatric Surgery out of borders because of price differences. Will GOSS and SASMBS take any initiatives to ensure safe bariatric surgery for those patients?

This is an unfortunate and frequently formidable situation where some obese patients from the GCC countries travel to nearby countries in the Middle East and to a lesser extent to India to undergo only the bariatric procedure usually without proper and necessary preparations and evaluations required for such disease and Procedures. Those patients are usually rushed back to their native countries within a day or two without the necessary plans for follow up and/or instructions and usually without a detailed operative report. We the practicing bariatric surgeons in the GCC countries frequently receive these patients for follow up frequently obliged to treat the more the usual formidable complications of the procedures which usually start to appear within 2-6 weeks from the time of the surgery. Some of these complications are fatal and almost always very costly and time consuming.

We practiced in the developed worlde in SASMBS and GOSS are working right  now with the Legislative Authorities to rectify these mishaps and ensure the availability of the proper safe and effective management of the ever increasing number of the obese patients in their local countries. This will be achieved effectively by preparing and approving more centers for bariatric surgery, credentialing the practicing surgeons, auditing the outcome and reducing the cost. The involvement of the health insurance companies is very vital in this process, it is vitally important to approve obesity as a disease and its surgical management to be covered in the insurance policies as it is practiced in the developed world.




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