GCC Countries & Obesity


In Arab Gulf region, the obesity is one of the major growing health hazard.

Major economic development over the past 30 years had led to many changes in the type of food and eating habit with reduced physical activity.

The combination of high fat diet and sedentary lifestyle is a major contributing factor. GCC countries has a high percentage (more than 50%) of the population is below age of 25 years with unhealthy life – style habits.

The causes of obesity are extremely complex encompassing biology & behavior, but set within a cultural, environmental and social framework.

The estimated overall rate of obesity in GCC Countries ranging between (15% – 55%). It is obvious that our environment is becoming an “obesogenic” with high-energy dense food, motorized transport and sedentary lifestyle.

It is the responsibility of Ministry of Health in GCC countries to successfully tackle this major health problem with a long term and large-scale commitment.

The evidence is very clear that policies aimed solely at individuals will be inadequate and will not be sufficient to reverse this trend. Significant affective activates to prevent obesity at a population level is needed.



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