VIII Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Workshop, Brief report Badana Clinic


Last month Badana Clinic team has successfully held their 8th semiannual workshop.A lot of efforts have been put in the event to make it happen. The team is guided by Dr.Sultan Altemyatt. A group of Pioneers in the field also insisted to share. The event is dedicated to share Badana clinic precious rich experience in the field of bariatric surgery based on our belief in passing the experience through generations.

We applied internetbased service which allows participants to share in the workshop across the distance. Attendants were from almost everywhere across the Kingdome.

Course review:
Over two days the timetable is set to cover all the basic aspects in bariatric science.

  1. Opening talk by Dr. Amin Alnimer CEO of Al-Mouwasat group.
  2. Obesity management over view. By Dr. Sultan Altemyatt.
  3. Explaining different modalities in treatment of obesity disorder (medical and surgical options), and stressing on that bariatric surgery is the only definite treatment of obesity. Detailed surgical options are offered with practical comparison between them.
  4. Pre-operative assessment of bariatric surgery patient. By Dr. Mohamed Saber.     Bariatric surgery unique character is that the patient should understand well the nature of the surgery and believe in the chance which will be created to modify his/ her life inorder to achieve his ultimate goal (healthy life style).
  5. Live transmission from OR. A case of Minigastric bypass done by Dr. Sultan Altemyatt.
  6. Anesthesia considerations in bariatric surgery. A lot of tips and tricks in the anaethesia of obese patients are explained in this talk, starting from I.V access and intubation.
  7. Cardiac evaluation of bariatric patient.
  8. Live transmission from OR. A case of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy by Dr. Sultan Altemyatt.
  9. Malabsorbitive bariatric surgery. By Dr. Khalid Merza. Principal steps of the malabsorbtive procedures explained (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Minigastric bypass and Billiopancreatic procedure).
  10. Diet protocol. Concept of the diet management( pre and post surgery).
  11. Endoscopic management of bariatric complications. By Dr. Mohamed Gouda
    Most common complications come across gastroenterologist are post anastomotic stenosis or ulcer (gastrojuejenostomy) and post sleeve gastrectomy leak. Here Dr. Gouda shares his experience in how to pick and manage properly these complications.
  12. Live transmission from OR.
    Acase of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass by Dr. Sultan ALtemyatt.
  13. Technical tips and tricks for sleeve gastrectomy by Dr. Sutlan Altemyatt.
  14. Metabolic surgery By Dr. Sultan Altemyatt.
  15. Complications of sleeve gastrectomy by Dr. Sultan Altemyatt.

A very interesting video presentation showing how to diagnose and treat many complications of sleeve gastrectomy.



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