At Medtronic, we are committed to improving patient outcomes across a wide spectrum of acute interventions and chronic diseases. In today’s modern world, obesity stands out as a disease whose morbidity places a tremendous burden on healthcare systems around the globe. Developing cost-effective strategies to treat this disease is essential, if we are to improve the overall health of society in the years ahead. To-date, lifestyle interventions and pharmacotherapy have had minimal success in treating obesity. Bariatric surgery, however, has demonstrated sustainable effectiveness in treating this disease when performed by skilled and knowledgeable practitioners. Recognizing this, Medtronic has worked with key thought leaders in bariatric surgery to develop high fidelity training courses to bring the most current evidence and skills training to surgeons across the globe. The Medtronic Center for Innovation, (MCI), located strategically in Istanbul, Turkey, provides product training, procedural skill development, and face-to-face interaction between research and development engineers and practicing clinicians, focused on Bariatric Surgery. The MCI in Istanbul offers high fidelity procedural training in surgery, critical care as well as interventional radiology. At the MCIs, bariatric surgeons and their teams can practice their skills using state-of-the-art simulators to master the latest procedures under the direction of key opinion leaders in a fully functional cath lab and surgical operating suites.

Innovative technology solutions combined with excellence in training and education make the Medtronic Center of Innovation in Istanbul an essential part of Medtronic commitment to improving bariatric patient outcomes.



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