GOSS 2015, Interview with Prof. Adnan Mofti, Congress President


The Gulf Obesity Surgical Society (GOSS) will hold its 3rd annual meeting in Riyadh, 12-15 December 2015. Pan Arab Gulf Obesity News held the following interview with Prof. Mofti, GOSS 2015 President. Prof. Mofti is one of the early pioneers in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery in Saudi Arabia. He has made remarkable contribution in setting up practice standards.

Prof. Adnan you started the bariatric surgery in the open Era, did laparoscopic approach make any changes?

Definitely the laparoscopic approach has enhanced the practice of Bariatric Surgery. After a proper period of training and learning of the bariatric surgeon, the practice becomes more feasible, safer and much more comfortable to the patient and surgeon. Laparoscopy made the bariatric procedures to be safely available to everincreasing numbers of the obese patient community.

How Laparoscopy enhanced Bariatric Surgery?
The advancements in the technology in the field of laparoscopic instruments and tools together with the increased experience of the bariatric surgeons made the practice more and more safe, attractive and highly effective in short and long out-come. Laparoscopy reduced much the formidable rates of mortalities and morbidities we faced in the era of traditional open surgeries. Laparoscopy made the practice more cost effective on the long run.

Considerable efforts were put forward to establish SASMBS, would you inform us about these efforts and the objectives of SASMBS?
Establishment of SASMBS is attributed first to the great efforts and dedications of my dear colleague Dr. Sultan Al Temyatt, who is one of the pioneers of bariatric surgery in Saudi Arabia since the late eighties. The main objective of this society is to improve the quality of the bariatric surgery service in Saudi Arabia. Formation of a National Board of Experts in the field to advice, endorse and regulate. The practice and centers of bariatric surgery and above all put the necessary credentials for the practicing bariatric surgeons. In addition, help to achieve these means to ensure safe effective and efficient practice.

GOSS establishment announced in year 2013, as a president of GOSS meeting, 2015, how you see the future of Bariatric Surgery in the Arab Gulf region?
The prevalence of obesity is increasing worldwide, the GCC countries show one of the highest such prevalence’s, hence until the discovery of a magic bullet to combat obesity the practice of bariatric surgery will be increasing as it is right now provides the only effective mean for the management of obesity and its related co-morbidities.


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