Weight Regain Post Bariatric Surgery – Dr. Mohammed Bawahab, MD, FRCSC, FASMBS


Bariatric surgery is the rescue procedure and treatment for morbidity of the obese patient that might prevent future morbidity and mortality.

Despite all different treatment modalities starting from the medical pills and treatment to surgical treatment of obesity, bariatric procedure stand at the top of the pyramid for weight reduction and remission of most associated morbidity, different bariatric procedure has different outcomes in terms of weight reduction as well as remission of morbidity.

Provided these procedures done at qualified center by qualified bariatric team for the right patient this will take us to good and acceptable outcome. Its well known among bariatric surgeon success of bariatric program depend on a good bariatric team work that been lead by broadminded knowledgeable and skillful surgeon.

After all that the continuity of patient success in maintaining weight loss depend on the patient himself/ herself by eating healthy low calories diet and regular exercise, despite all that we still seeing weight regain among 10-15% of post bariatric patient that can be attributed to one of the following:

  1. Poorly or inefficiently done bariatric procedure e.g., large pouch or conduit size.
  2. Continuously highcalory intake by the patient.
  3. Lack of effective exercise

For what I mentioned above patient should be aware about the risk of weight regain and how to minimize it, food restriction will cause weight reduction and good exercise will maintain the weight reduction.

We as obesity surgeons and society we a understand how much of suffering that obese patient lives with, starting from the medical morbidities up to other poor social aspect of their live in addition to the high cost burden on the national health system that should make us all stand in their side and make their treatment easily accessible in different accredited health sectors, continuous health education by conducting obesity conferences, public lectures and awareness days. That definitely will decrease the obesity prevalence and associated morbidities. Health insurance companies and higher authority of different health sectors should understand such a medical problem and support our goal in treating obesity according the higher standard and obesity international guideline.


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